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What makes someone a good driver?

There are only three types of people on the Road.

The Driver, the Good One and the rest.

The Driver:

Ability to fully understand and always at full control of the vehicle they are handling.

Full understanding of all road signs, road markings and traffic rules and following them.

Ability to understand the weather and traffic situation and acting according to it.

Accessing, protecting (self and others) and informing authorities in case of road emergency.

All the above only makes you a Driver First.

You are on the road because you passed the test and has trough understanding of ALL the rules of traffic. (including the vehicle in your control)

Following all the traffic rules only make you Driver but not a good one.

The Good One:

1. Not insisting on your rights

2. Expect mistakes from other drivers

3. Behaves partner-like

4. Drives quiet and calm

5. Refrained from showing himself superior to others

The Bad One:

1. He takes every opportunity to overtake

2. Outpaces others to show his superiority

3. His driving is associates with risks

4. And many more

In nutshell you cannot recognize good driver easily on the road, because they don’t care to make their presence.

Want to become a good driver?

Access2Drive, a driving school based in Long Island can turn you into a great driver.

Teach Your Teen How to Drive

Most traffic violations are for speeding, and speeding often contributes to traffic accidents. That’s why it’s very important to help your new driver develop skills to make good decisions about controlling their speed in different situations.

Adjusting Speed Based on Road Conditions

Maximum speed limits are set based on ideal driving conditions — good weather, roads and traffic conditions. But driving conditions aren’t always ideal. That’s why a new driver needs to be reminded to constantly adjust their speed as driving conditions change.

Adjusting speed to traffic and road conditions can be a bit awkward for an unskilled driver at first. You can help by emphasizing that your new driver should keep pace with the other traffic and maintain the same speed as the other vehicles in the flow of traffic — as long as speed limits are observed.

Try to avoid large groups or “packs” of traffic. Show your teen driver how to do this by having them slow up a little to let other cars go by, and then resume their speed.

You should also teach your new driver to adjust their speed as they encounter unfamiliar intersections, school crossings or other areas where pedestrians might do something unexpected. Keep in mind that driving 20 mph in some situations may be too fast (even if the speed limit is 25 mph).

Common Problems & Solutions

Often, new drivers tend to drive too fast through intersections. Try to help your teen realize how dangerous intersections can be—even if they have the right-of-way.

New drivers also tend to drive too fast around curves. It can be hard to understand the need to slow down to enter a curve and to accelerate after leaving the curve. Take a few driving lessons in Jamaica NY, and lots of practice and reminders, this will become easier.

Help your teen anticipate speed changes of the vehicle under different conditions:

  • Driving too fast for road and weather conditions
  • Slowing down too much when turning off a high-speed road that has an exit lane
  • Losing speed when changing lanes
  • Letting the grade of a hill change their speed—slowing down when going uphill, speeding up when going downhill

Want the best driving school in Jamaica, Queens?

I recommend Access2Drive.

3 Tips for Choosing a Car Seat for Your Baby

As a mom, keeping your baby safe and protected will naturally be your top priority from day one. To make sure you are well prepared, you’ll need to have a car seat ready before your baby is born. If you are having your baby in the hospital, she’ll need to be placed securely in a car seat on the journey home. So get organized early!

1. Don’t buy second-hand

It’s always best to buy a car seat brand new. Be cautious about borrowing a car seat, and avoid buying one that’s second-hand. You need to be 100% sure that the seat you are using has never been in an accident. A second-hand car seat may not come with the instruction manual, which is extremely important for proper installation. You need to know how to fit and use the seat correctly.

2. Get the right size

Picking a car seat that is correct for your baby’s age and weight is crucial. Having a seat that is too big or too small can be a safety hazard. You also need to make sure that the seat isn’t too big for your car and that it is properly installed. If a car seat doesn’t fit your car perfectly or is difficult to fasten in place, don’t buy it. Some car seats don’t fit certain models of car, so make sure you are aware of this when choosing yours.

3. Easy installation

As a new mom, you’re going to want to ensure that installing your car seat is as easy as possible. And also that lifting your baby in and out of the car is as straightforward as can be.

If you are a new mom and new to driving, I highly recommend that you go to the best driving school that offers excellent driving lessons.

How To Keep Your Car Cool

At the peak of summer, the interior of your car can heat up to dangerous temperatures making driving almost unbearable. Not everyone has the luxury of A/C, but there are a few things you can do to keep you, your children and your pets safe from the heat. Unfortunately, our driving schools should educate us a bit about this.

Find shaded parking

Nobody likes to enter a car that’s been parked in direct sunlight. Take extra time to find shaded parking spots under trees, building, or underground parking lots. If your car’s been parked in direct sun for a long time, open all the doors for a couple of minutes before entering. Glass windows insulate heat inside, so it’s important to get the hot air out. Better yet, allow hot air to escape by leaving the windows slightly open while parked.

The opening should be less than the width of a person’s arm so no one can get into your car. If security is a concern, purchase window vent visors that attach to the top of the car’s window. These visors are tinted so people will have a hard time telling if your windows are open or not.

Use a blanket and sun shade

Purchasing a sun shade, or a UV heat shield, is a great investment for those who can’t escape parking outdoors on hot days. Not only do they reduce interior temperature, but sun shades protect the car’s interior from harmful sun rays that penetrate windshields. If you live in a climate with months of hot weather, look into spending a little more and purchasing a custom-made sun shade online to cover the entire windshield. These will fit your windshield like a glove, and virtually no light and UV rays can get it.

Use bottom vents

Most people who enter a hot vehicle open the windows right away to immediately cool their upper body. Since heat rises, the best method is to push the hot air out from the bottom to cool the vehicle as quick as possible. Adjust the fan setting to “max” and close the upper vents so only the bottom vents closest to the ground are functioning. Pushing the air from the bottom to the top helps the stale hot air escape through the open windows. Once the hot air is pushed out, switch to the upper vents to stay cool while driving.

Toggle A/C settings

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, make sure you set it to “fresh air” and not “recirculation” when you first enter your vehicle. Recirculation draws in the interior air and typically works best once the vehicle has reached its desired temperature.

Recirculation is also great when you’re stuck in traffic as it prevents carbon monoxide emissions from other vehicles being pulled into your car. Get into the habit of switching to fresh air when you first turn your A/C on, and then switching to recirculation after 5 or 10 minutes.

More haste less speed and drivers aren’t perfect

Over the past years as a driver, I’ve learned that being in haste can be very dangerous. In fact, it’s when you should use your head most. You need to stay calm. This is one of the strongest reasons why I recommend driving schools. Access2Drive, a Long Island driving school does a great job in helping their students stay calm on the road.

So what’s have I learned?

In busy congested conditions or in built-up areas give yourself time. There’s no need to speed and you won’t get there any quicker.

In 2010, 40% of all road-traffic fatalities happened in built-up areas compared to only 6% on motorways. 75% of all traffic accidents happen in towns where there are generally more hazards per mile.

The risk of fatality in your car is dependent on collision speed – a rear end shunt on the motorway is unlikely to be serious if the collision speed is low, but hitting a child, a pedal cyclist or a motorcyclist even below the urban speed limit can be fatal for them.

Don’t treat speed limits as a target and ensure you are constantly taking road and traffic conditions into account.

Keeping your speed and distance means that hazards are more likely to dissolve ahead of you and you won’t fall foul of harsh acceleration and braking (which will also save your fuel too). Pay extra attention where there are junctions, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. In particular, try to anticipate what pedestrians and cyclists might do. If pedestrians, particularly children, are looking the other way, they may step out into the road without seeing you.

Knowing that you have plenty of time to complete your journey will help you to relax and avoid the temptation to push your speed.

Look ahead and anticipate

Don’t just look at the vehicle in front and in your mirror to observe what is going on immediately around.

Anticipate what is happening ahead of you by looking at the furthest point along the road as well as observing the behaviors of your fellow road users.One of the main causes of accidents is the failure to

One of the main causes of accidents is the failure to recognize a hazardous situation. If a driver fails to see the possible danger, he or she cannot take steps to avoid it. The average driver reacts to an expected event in 0.7 of a second – and up to three times longer when the event is unexpected or the driver is distracted. This means that it can take up to 2.5 seconds for a driver to see what is happening and then decide on a reaction – all this and then the overall stopping distance of the vehicle needs to be taken into account.
Satnavs are fast becoming a major cause of driver distraction where the driver often blindly follows instructions rather than anticipating the road ahead.

What you see takes priority over what the satnav says. We’ve all heard the stories of people being stuck in narrow lanes, driving into rivers and directed into oncoming traffic. If the road looks wrong, don’t take it.

The Crazy Thing You Can Do When You Sleep Drive!

I’ve always warned people that sleeping and driving is a very bad combination.

Some people will say they are very good at driving and sleeping at the same time.

Or they get drunk and still be able to drive very well.

It’s very dangerous and I always advise people against doing that.

There are some nasty things we can do when we are sleeping.

For example, some of my family members who snore terribly still don’t believe that they snore.

They will argue till tomorrow that they don’t, that I am making things up. That’s just one of the crazy things people do.

There are also other bad behaviors like sleep talking. Talking while you are sleeping. Many people do that of course.

According to Dr. Verma, they normally take place in the first half of the night, an effect of disrupted slow wave sleep.

In fact, some people get up and move around, right in their sleep. When you tell them they did that, they will never believe you.

Some people eat in their sleep.

Some people have sex in their sleep. And they don’t believe it.

Sleep is very powerful.

When you are in it, it’s not easy to get out.

It’s the time when you are most vulnerable.

That is why it’s is extremely dangerous to sleep and drive on Jamaica Queens streets.

It can result in life-loss of course.

There is more crazy stuff people do in their sleep but they will just never admit it.

They will tell you that they don’t, when in fact, they do.

My driving tutors at Access2Drive driving school in Queens make sure I keep this in mind wherever I go.

Becoming A Better Driver

There is nothing like being the perfect driver. None exists.

Now, because I say you can not be perfect does not mean you can not be the best.

Better driving is what you should always strive for.

Access2Drive, a Brooklyn driving school I really admire have been doing a great work creating better drivers over the past years. I am very proud of them.

As a better driver, you can share the road with cyclists and everyone without having problems. A better driver looks towards the safety and well-being of other people on the road.

A better driver can drive at night without problems.

There are many people who can’t drive in the night.

If you can not, it’s better staying home or letting other people drive than putting your life and the life of others at risk. It is dangerous.

It is bad to be on the road when you know that you should not be.

A better driver drive within the speed limit.

They look for signs.

They check their speedometer regularly when leaving for high-speed roads.

They concentrate while driving.

They do not do social media and drive because they know how dangerous that can be to the well-being of people on the road with them.

Better drivers know how to drive during winter when the roads are snowy.

They know the rules, laws and they play by them frequently.

They also regularly check their vehicle before leaving for the road to see that it’s working right.

You may not become a perfect driver who knows everything and can do everything others can’t. But you can surely become a better driver who help other people stay safe and comfortable on the road.

It starts by getting your driving training from the very best driving school near you.

For me, that’s Access2Drive. I will always recommend them because they are simply the best.

Thank you for reading and please heed these warnings when next you get on the road.

Driving And Holiday Shopping


It’s my first post this month, and I am already excited for the holiday shopping.

After learning how to drive last month with my talented driving instructor at Access2Drive, I have been driving a lot around and seeing my friends.

I can’t wait to drive around and shop for the holiday.

But something terrible happened to my friend yesterday.

He went shopping and left his items in plain view, and the window was opened.

Before he came back, everything was gone.

That’s a bitter experience for someone who just learned how to drive and shopping for the holiday.

But these happen a lot, and it’s best to avoid it.

How do you do that?

If your car or vehicle has a trunk, make sure all your items are locked there along with your money if you have to leave your wallet. This is a very important tip for shopping during the holiday.

And if you have bought your items and still have more places to go to, it’s best if you drop your items at home before you go anywhere else. This makes your items safe, and you can be at peace when you have to leave your car.

Another thing I’ve been told is parking a few away from the store entrance. That means you don’t have to fight anyone for a parking spot.

And you will also minimize the risk of getting your car dinged from a stray shopping cart.

If you are shopping at night, make sure you are in a well-lit location where everybody can see you.

And be aware of your surrounding when approaching the car.

It’s very important you take these serious when you are shopping this amazing season.

It’s also good to use backup cameras and mirrors when packing. That help you spot a child who might be in your blind spot. It’s also handy for avoiding stray shopping carts.

However, it’s important you don’t just use backup cameras. Continue using your mirrors.

You only need to us backup camera to get a full picture of what is around your car.

Time to shop?

Yes, but make sure you are shopping safely.

Thanks for reading.

Maintaining Work Life Balance

It’s very difficult to maintain a work-life balance when you aren’t organized with life.

I learned this the hard way.

Over the past few months, I’ve been struggling to get anything done.

Planning for the day becomes a core because there’s always a lot on my to-do list.

So, I decided to take my life back by keeping balanced everything I do.

I decided to start making a list of the most important things to do.

I made the effort to improve my driving skills at one of the best driving schools in Long Island.

It went really well.

One of the reasons why I’ve been able to maintain a good work-life balance is that I played to my strengths. It was the best thing to do.

Among my strengths is staying fully awake during the day.

I realized that when it starts getting to late in the day, my mental and physical powers start to diminish. By then it’s hard to maintain focus and get things done.

So, I decided that I will be using the most of these times to get work done and nothing else.

Since then, my productivity have improved greatly. And I’ve started spending those evening time with my family. This is the best decision I’ve made.

Now I prioritize my time and played to my core strengths which I’ve just revealed to you.

I start work 7:00 a.m and my first peak is 9 – 11:00 a.m. I try to relax this time and get more mental strength.

This could be taking a little walk outside.

I eat lunch at noon, and immediately go back to work. I hit my second peak about 3 – 4:00 p.m.

By 6:00 p.m. the mental strength diminishes again and I can call it a day.

The ability to work around these peaks have been very powerful for me.

I endeavor you find your peak and down hours. Don’t work when your peak is already gone. That makes it very difficult to work.

Spicing Up Your Home

Where we call home is the most important place of our lives.

Our home is our fortress. We should protect and respect it more than any other place.

Last week, I drove around to find some new cool things for my home.

As you know, right here on this blog, I like to write about homes (or better, houses).

It is something I’m really passionate about.

When you enter your home, you should feel secure, happy, light-hearted and relaxed.

I came across some garage sales and were able to get some really cool antiques for my home.

It’s amazing driving around this way and seeing some cool things in your area.

You don’t need to own a car before you drive around the town. You can simply borrow some of your friends or family. I did that a lot before I get my own car.

Another excuse people give for not driving around their city is that they don’t know how to drive. Another silly excuse.

There are a lot of great driving schools in Brooklyn.

For example, Access2Drive is just one of the best driving schools in the state of New York.

You need an excellent driving lessons.

You need a driving instructor who will tell you everything you need to know about driving.

Having a talented hand tell you what to do and how to do it breeds confidence when you finally get on the road.

Develop the habit of driving around your area.

It doesn’t have to be all about finding nice items for your home alone. It also lets you meet incredible people you wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet in your area.

Driving is a cool thing to do especially for your home. It’s good for getting items you’ll like to see every day.

So, let us get back to spicing up your home.

If you are someone like me who feels refreshed in a new environment, getting new items for your home helps you feel like you’ve changed environment when you are in fact still in your home.

Thanks for reading.