Becoming A Better Driver

There is nothing like being the perfect driver. None exists.

Now, because I say you can not be perfect does not mean you can not be the best.

Better driving is what you should always strive for.

Access2Drive, a Brooklyn driving school I really admire have been doing a great work creating better drivers over the past years. I am very proud of them.

As a better driver, you can share the road with cyclists and everyone without having problems. A better driver looks towards the safety and well-being of other people on the road.

A better driver can drive at night without problems.

There are many people who can’t drive in the night.

If you can not, it’s better staying home or letting other people drive than putting your life and the life of others at risk. It is dangerous.

It is bad to be on the road when you know that you should not be.

A better driver drive within the speed limit.

They look for signs.

They check their speedometer regularly when leaving for high-speed roads.

They concentrate while driving.

They do not do social media and drive because they know how dangerous that can be to the well-being of people on the road with them.

Better drivers know how to drive during winter when the roads are snowy.

They know the rules, laws and they play by them frequently.

They also regularly check their vehicle before leaving for the road to see that it’s working right.

You may not become a perfect driver who knows everything and can do everything others can’t. But you can surely become a better driver who help other people stay safe and comfortable on the road.

It starts by getting your driving training from the very best driving school near you.

For me, that’s Access2Drive. I will always recommend them because they are simply the best.

Thank you for reading and please heed these warnings when next you get on the road.

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