The Crazy Thing You Can Do When You Sleep Drive!

I’ve always warned people that sleeping and driving is a very bad combination.

Some people will say they are very good at driving and sleeping at the same time.

Or they get drunk and still be able to drive very well.

It’s very dangerous and I always advise people against doing that.

There are some nasty things we can do when we are sleeping.

For example, some of my family members who snore terribly still don’t believe that they snore.

They will argue till tomorrow that they don’t, that I am making things up. That’s just one of the crazy things people do.

There are also other bad behaviors like sleep talking. Talking while you are sleeping. Many people do that of course.

According to Dr. Verma, they normally take place in the first half of the night, an effect of disrupted slow wave sleep.

In fact, some people get up and move around, right in their sleep. When you tell them they did that, they will never believe you.

Some people eat in their sleep.

Some people have sex in their sleep. And they don’t believe it.

Sleep is very powerful.

When you are in it, it’s not easy to get out.

It’s the time when you are most vulnerable.

That is why it’s is extremely dangerous to sleep and drive on Jamaica Queens streets.

It can result in life-loss of course.

There is more crazy stuff people do in their sleep but they will just never admit it.

They will tell you that they don’t, when in fact, they do.

My driving tutors at Access2Drive driving school in Queens make sure I keep this in mind wherever I go.

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