3 Tips for Choosing a Car Seat for Your Baby

As a mom, keeping your baby safe and protected will naturally be your top priority from day one. To make sure you are well prepared, you’ll need to have a car seat ready before your baby is born. If you are having your baby in the hospital, she’ll need to be placed securely in a car seat on the journey home. So get organized early!

1. Don’t buy second-hand

It’s always best to buy a car seat brand new. Be cautious about borrowing a car seat, and avoid buying one that’s second-hand. You need to be 100% sure that the seat you are using has never been in an accident. A second-hand car seat may not come with the instruction manual, which is extremely important for proper installation. You need to know how to fit and use the seat correctly.

2. Get the right size

Picking a car seat that is correct for your baby’s age and weight is crucial. Having a seat that is too big or too small can be a safety hazard. You also need to make sure that the seat isn’t too big for your car and that it is properly installed. If a car seat doesn’t fit your car perfectly or is difficult to fasten in place, don’t buy it. Some car seats don’t fit certain models of car, so make sure you are aware of this when choosing yours.

3. Easy installation

As a new mom, you’re going to want to ensure that installing your car seat is as easy as possible. And also that lifting your baby in and out of the car is as straightforward as can be.

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