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Calming Your Mind In Difficult Moments

It’s difficult to stay calm in a world of constant distractions on Facebook, Twitter and offline.

The human attention span is so low right now that it is shorter than that of the goldfish.

Eight seconds. That’s the average attention span of human beings.

In fact, it’s difficult to stay calm when driving.

Instructors at my Brooklyn driving school emphasized this point more than others:

Don’t multi-task while driving.

They made sure this point hit home with all the students, and I can understand that.

Most of us are teen and highly addicted to smartphones.

In fact, it’s hard to find a teenager that does not touch his/her smartphone every 5 hours. You will agree with me that it’s very rare.

Staying calm and keeping your head up while driving is an important trait.

The next driver could be rough driving. Maybe overtaking every car ahead of them.

Don’t try to join in the race.

It could also be that you are late for where you’re going, don’t try to drive too fast.

It could also be that you’re a little bit sober and behind the wheel. I will emphasize that drunk driving is very dangerous and can be very fatal.

But if it seems that you aren’t that drunk, it is also important that you forget about all other thoughts and focus on driving. You can think about every other thing when you’re home.

It could also be that you lost a relative and now you’re behind the wheel.

What should you do?

Stay calm.

It could also be that someone got you angry. And maybe, you are not really yourself.

What should you do?

Stay calm.

Keeping your cool is very very important whenever you are behind the wheel.

Don’t try to think about too many things while driving. It increases your risk to dangers while on the road.

Start disciplining yourself and stay calm at all times.

Thanks for reading.

Thinking About Halloween Party

The past weeks, it’s all been about Halloween and the U.S. Presidential election.

I’ve been doing home DIY project less and it’s being a bit frustrating for me.

I just hopes the election ends today so we know our fate and move forward.

It’s been hard improving my coding skills because all we do on my Coding Facebook group is talk about what’s happening on the political arena. Not a good thing to do, I’m sure.

I’m building a small haunted house at the backyard that would make the Halloween party more fun.

I’ve been driving around the city picking up the things I’ll need.

Jefferey has been helping out too.

He’s really a cool guy. I like him a lot.

He’s been learning how to drive in the past few weeks. Can’t wait to buy his first car.

I recommended the driving instructor to him. So, I’m not so surprised he’s been able to pick up those driving skills very quickly.

Access2Drive is a highly-recommend Brooklyn driving school and they are really helping him.

I want him to be safe, especially when driving on the streets.

I’ve watched up grow up over the past years and I still feel very nervous seeing him get out there.

But that’s just something I have to get used to.

He’s my nephew. And I really do care about him.

Of course, he doesn’t know I’m writing this rant. But at least, that helps me get used to the situation.

I really can’t wait for the Halloween. It’s something I look forward to every single year.

I must confess that Christmas is my favorite. Then after that is Halloween. Then after that is the Thanksgiving day.

All are cool. They bring me closer to my families. Something I cherish very very much.

Tomorrow, I may decide to visit a driving school in Queens. It’s also Access2Drive.

Thanks for reading. See ya later!




The Dangers Of The Moving Restaurant

Last night, at the dinner table, my dad asked me:

“Have you ever seen a moving a restaurant before?”

Where would that be?

A moving restaurant?

I haven’t heard or read about that before.

“It must be somewhere around here” I said.

“It’s your car!” My dad shouted.

I haven’t seen my dad so red-faced and angry like that.

He said he had seen me too many times eating while driving.

Eating while going to work.

Eating while heading to the gym.

Eating while going to meetings and appointments.

It’s because I’m always late.

I’ve never been an early riser and early comer every where.

I’m just always late.

Don’t know why.

So my car has turned into a moving restaurant, where I quickly get something to eat when time is running out.

So I’m going to stop driving and eating at the same time.

Being a late comer or goer is a bad habit.

I remember back when I was attending a driving school in Brooklyn, the instructors always complain about me being a late comer.

They told me that going to anywhere late makes one a terrible driver.

Your mind isn’t clear.

And you could find yourself multi-tasking. For example, driving and eating. Or, driving and doing paperwork. That is very bad for driving.

I remember those words.

So my dad is right.

My car is the moving restaurant.

My instructors at the driving school told me that.

My younger sister, Nina also learned from the same driving school but she lives in Long Island.

They even taught her driving better.

She tells me that she recommends Access2Drive learn to drive from the best driving school in Long Island with patient and understanding driving instructors.

So if you’re a person like me who drives and eat at the same time, I advise you stop.

It’s dangerous for yourself.

And it’s dangerous for people on the road too.

Thanks for reading.

House Cleaning And Weekend

After an extremely hectic week, spending the weekend alone at home is the best decision.

I allowed Laura to go and attend her 5-hour driving class at Access2Drive in Long Island. The best thing to do today.

I just realized, that, over the past weeks, I’ve filled every single minute of my day interacting with people. There wasn’t a single moment I took a step back and give myself quality time to think. Definitely not the right thing to do.

Now, I want more of that personal space.

I want to get over that fear of missing out about being somewhere (with people).

Tonight, I’ve going to drive around the town and see exciting places.

I want to see the new, cool buildings in town. I want to see great places to eat. I want to just drive around in my car and know about the place I live, New York.

Ever since I moved here 4 years ago, it has always been about work, work, work and spending time with colleagues.

No, I don’t want to be that person who doesn’t know where he lives. I want to know my city inside out.

I want to travel to somewhere new, and travel alone. There are some many places to see around this beautiful town. I think today is the perfect time to do that.

I’m also thinking about taking myself to a dinner date. (Yes, take myself and alone). It’s been a long time I did that. I want to start doing it again.

So make sure I don’t feel alone, I’m taking a book. I bought The Art Of War by Steven Pressfield, and it’s a pity that it has been collecting dust here for over 2 years. Not quite good that I bought this book with high anticipation of learning new things from it.

I also want to challenge my mind to do new things. I want to learn new skills to improve my skillset and earnings.

Maybe tomorrow, I’m going to get experimental a little bit in the kitchen.

When Laura’s back, I’m going to ask her about the cool safe driving tips she learned from Access2Drive on her driving lessons today.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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